Numbers & The Boomer Bible


Multiple numerical sources and correspondences have been proposed and documented — here and elsewhere — for the organization and allegorical underpinnings of The Boomer Bible, including numbers associated with the King James Bible and the ministry of Christ, numbers and divinical meanings of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and its suits and individual cards. And there are others. The Book of Common Prayer is an obvious candidate,  and younger readers see something of holograms and chaos/complexity theory in the mix. But perhaps the most unexpected theory comes from outside the community represented at this website. By way of introduction all I can say is that Numerology is in fact listed in The Boomer Bible as a belief system with its own followers. It is by no means certain that there is only one complete organization of The Boomer Bible. Perhaps many are implicated.

The Table of Harrier Days

Background & Link


The Table of Harrier Days


The Book of Harrier Brayer is a key component of The Boomer Bible. It represents the process which the memory of a charismatic leader is transformed into a religion. The Book of Brayer sets forth the ceremonies for key life events like coming of age, marriage, and death. It also celebrates the ministry of the messiah Harry throughout the calendar year by dividing it into seasons and specifying religious service to be performed each week, including a Consolation service and Morning and Evening Brayef liturgies.


The Table of Harrier Days is the Harrier calendar, specifying which readings from the Past and Present Testaments are to be used at which services for all 52 weeks of the year. The document here records the schedule and includes numberous hyperlinks to about half of the readings (retyped by site members) as well as links to information about many of the weekly Topics addressed during the Parish year. More than a few “Harrier Homilies” (also written by site participants) are included. Direct linkage to the Tarot deck should also be evident.


The service liturgies themselves are not here or online. They are available in the hard copy of The Boomer Bible itself. The Table is nevertheless less an entertainment piece in its own right, humor established by context and content of the excerpts chosen for reading.



The Extraordinary Mr. Henry Elders

10/15/2007 Letter to the Boomer Bible Webmaster



Letter to the Webmaster


No one ever met him. He communicated by letter and attached e-files, scrupulously formatted. In this one he laid out his experience with the Boomer Bible website, linking articles by others he had liked and laying out a series of articles he had researched and written toward a meaningful Numerology unique to The Boomer Bible. He believed his work facilitated insight about a hidden organization to the book itself and its names and principal objects.


There were eight attached articles in all. The first was a primer on his numerological system for the book. It was called Numerology and The Boomer Bible.


The second was titled Harry’s Toys, Miracles and Mysteries, including information and pictures galore of, among other things, Rolls Royce’s and Learjets. Only one pic appears to be missing and it is provided  below.


At the top of the box is a link to the letter to the webmaster.


Working links to the six others are included in the Webmaster Letter text covered above.




P.S. The Story of One Verse of Willie

There is no God


The Elders letter also linked in passing an heroic effort to map with project management software all the references flowing from one specific verse of TBB. The result has been copied in compact format in multiple links and shows up on Google with little explanation. The link provided here is to the original huge file not all devices can run. Take a look at “There is no God” in the link above.



Numerology and The Boomer Bible


Numerology and The Boomer Bible


Careful explanation and mucho matrixes. Most internal links are still live and working. Funny in aggregate. He’s really doing this. But also a strangely interesting internal logic to what should be utter madness. And still more Tarot connections. Article link above.



The Numerology of Harry’s Toys



Harry’s Toys, Miracles & Mysteries


 A fun article full of Rolls Royces and Learjets and Gulfstreams. But Mr. Elders also believes the apparently superficial and frivolous objects surround Harry are also important. Article linked above.


See below for the missing Learjet Model.





Learjet Model 25

Mr. Elders & the 9/11 Challenge

Another Elders Letter and a Complex Challenge Met

Feast of Portents


Elders took on a challenge posed by punk writers. He succeeded in terms of the wording of the challenge. The result is thought provoking but hardly definitive. Once student of statistic performed and analysis and volunteerednthe conclusion that the evidence contained in the Table of Harrier Day’s code derived is not all likely to happen by chance. He found no other combinations of letters that made sense as Elders’ interpretation seemed to. No one knows. Article link above.



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