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Search phrases like 'The Boomer Bible R. F. Laird' and 'R. F. Laird books' will turn up links to overviews, reviews, and image tabs. Links also under the name Robert Laird and titles of individual books within TBB.

The Intercolumn Reference — Demonstration of an Infinite Book



ICR — Definition of an Infinite Book


Multiple teams of volunteers tried multiple software packages and associated retyping and ingenious format designs to show the scope and intricacy of TBB intercolumn reference links as they flowed outward from one link to others and thence to others. All the attempts to subset the book were simply too labor intensive finally to complete. The teams concluded all their projects went infinite early, too rapidly to complete.


Might be helpful to those who try playing with the live ICR in the Online TBB. Article linked above.



Internet Version

The Online Boomer Bible with Live ICR


There are nearly 100,000 print copies out there, which means they’re available with some interruptions from Amazon but also from other book purveyors.


There is an online version, missing Front Matter and the Book of Harrier Brayer & Hymnal. What it does offer, though, is an astounding LIVE version of the Intercolumn Reference, which works beautifully well. This was an uncompensated labor of love by those who did the retyping and coding. The author can never repay his debt to them. What you can do is visit the link above and marvel at their cleverness and devotion.



The Original Boomer Bible Website (1994 - 201X)



TBB-9/11 Intro 



The Instapunk Connection (stick to the list of featured posts in the left hand column. The posts signed 'Brizoni’ are not mine, but those of a talented young man I hoped would take over the site. It didn’t work out.) 



The Main Title Site (Tons of stuff, fun & serious both, including much TBB text. The on-screen links are dicey now; some work but it’s a good way of getting lost. The links here should replace them adequately.)



A large text and link intensive area on the Internet for fans and students of the book to communicate and learn. There were three different branches of the site, as linked above and shown in the graphic below. Now, a surprising amount of The Boomer Bible site is still easily accessible via the links here.






Discussion Group 

Three Branches from here.

On Kindle. Just answering the question the title asks. You can wait till I’m dead to look.

Toward Answering the Why Question 

Articles and Entertainments at the Original TBB Website Relating to Why

Most of the internal links at the original main site about The Boomer Bible still work amazingly well. What follows below is a lightning round of article titles and links that should enable anyone to pick and choose which to look at or read. For the most part these are operational from the main site, but some hunting and digging may be required. This is a shortcut.


Easy Access


Just what it sounds like. How to find what interests you and how to get your questions answered. Article linked above.



Puzzles and Games


Puzzles and Games


Treasure Hunts, codebreaking of symbols (no Tom Hanks though), and a few more serious brain teasers. Article linked above.



Odd Facts about TBB


Odd Facts about The Boomer Bible


Yes. Odd. Very. Article linked above.



The Trick


The Trick


Tips from readers who did a lot of hard work to assemble them. Article link above.



Reviews I — The Anticipated Ones

Reviews I


The book reviewers every writer kind of expects. Article linked above.



Reviews II — The kind a writer likes to read

Reviews II


You read them and then try to put them out of your head. Article linked above.



Books that can help in understanding TBB

Books that Help


These are great books whether you’re interested in TBB or not. As good today as they were back in the day. Article linked above.



Movies that Help in Understanding TBB

Movies that Matter in TBB


Movie references are a constant in TBB. These are by no means all of the films referenced. But they’re a good start and some of them are key.



The Followers of Harry


The Followers


Specific casting recommendations included in the text of TBB itself. You’ll see some faces that have since grown old. Or dead. We’re talking Baby Boomers here, the ancient ones who are still running the show.



The Great Big Heart at the Institute


Philadelphia’s Great Big Heart


The heart of Philly, real and just as described in TBB.

Signs & Symbols of the Pontifical Harrier Parish

Signs & Symbols of Harry


Sacred elements of the Parish of Harry. You’ll notice that Harry anticipated the future importance of “The Snowflake” way back in his day.



A Reader Experience: Using TBB in the classroom

Using The Boomer Bible in the Classroom


Yes, he did. Tested them on dates in the book of Psayings and everything. Talked with them too. It was all Greek to them, but some got curious.



More Bibles

The Zeezer Bible AND The Snowflake Bible

Plenty of jokes and outrageous typefaces. What you find here is a second testament of The Zeezer Bible. Because it’s secret, that’s why. Six of its books are hidden in Shuteye Town 1999, and the organization of ST99 depended entirely from the first on this slender book. Not as long as TBB but what we got by letting the Baby Boomers inherit the earth. And the Snowflakes are today’s headlines and not much more. Nothing left to talk about.

Two more stair steps down the descent of generations.

Uncle Reg’s Little Good Book

He’s not a Boomer, a Zeezer, or a Snowflake. He’s his own man. As own as a man can be when he’s old and cantankerous and short of cash. Is he laughing? sort of. Will you laugh. Sort of. Maybe.

That Uncle Reg. He ‘s pretty cool actually. This one of those wee books 4” x 6”.


Short but not sweet. REAL advice about what matters in life. Women, work, children, men, money, religion, etc. Great to plan your day by, every day. Two small illustrations. Available at Kindle now for $2.99. Buy a bunch for your friends.