Moving Pictures

Something else the blog InstaPunk did was make movies to

post on YouTube. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for serious.

The first little movie. Then back safely behind the camera for the producer.

The Last Supper Ruined by that Tin Hat Who Thinks Mary Magdalen Was St. John.

The music was written (by someone) who read each disciple as a “note.” Eh? Eh.

When Hillary Ran in 2007, Everything Seemed Perfect

In addition to other stuff, was doing campaign ads back in 2007.

So sad. But Hillary's a fighter. She'll be back. You'll see. Then no one can stop her.

A film by Johnny Dodge

Such nice, polite well brought up mates those Canadians.

InstaPunk Wanted to Know: What's with all the Naked Protesting?

If you’ve seen 1,000 naked bodies, you’ll hurl in the weeds, not save the world.

Every oppressed minority has to have an artist. Or in this case artiste.

Plenty in the world besides politics and naked women. Like old men kicking ass.

Remember when conspiracy nuts declared the Moon Landing a hoax? NASA replies.

That's right, tinfoil hat guys. Real, authentic, secret NASA footage released to the public. Satisfied?

You like conspiracy theories? Then tell us who's conspiring to kill our cities and kids.

The punk writers vanished from the New Market Mall/Headhouse Square area in Philly in mid-May 1985. They left artifacts of their demi-monde, but these too were looted and destroyed. Some of what was left were bones. Unless that’s not the whole story.

You can figure this out. Maybe.

Johnny sent me this. You work it out.