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These are both multimedia works, one huge, one very large, which have been released for online public consumption free of charge. I won’t describe them in this space. They explain themselves if you take the links and some time to peruse them.




Your SOOPER Pre-Game Ads and Promos Show


 A humorous tribute to the recent tradition of lavishing oodles of public attention on the television commercials and show/movie promotions advertisers spend so much money on for the Super Bowl telecast. You’ll find 15+ of our own homemade videos here, as well as a side trip through the Nike- and Mercedes- infested wilds of Shuteye Town’s SBS TV network. Originally published on game day at Facebook, it was withdrawn at kickoff of the game and made available only at Deerhound Diary, password-protected of course. You can have the password for free because you are here: Super.


P.S. The blockbuster movie shown just after this announcement is included in our Pre-Game Promo Show lineup. That’s a ‘teaser’ in adman parlance.

A Blockbuster for and of the Ages

A Fascinating Find

Delphi Form Discussions of The Boomer Bible


The Wayback Machine has apparently had this file saved in its depths for a long time. Just discovered here recently. The Delphi Forums were/are an online forum organized by subject. The one linked to the original Boome Bible website was very active and filled with intense debate about the book’s meaning and structure. A similar conversation occurred when the first version of ST99 was released as a new computer-based form of writing. Some of the Forum participants are still in touch with Laird via Facebook. 


We’re delighted to have this closeup look at the past.



Our post-2001 A.D. future will go on of course, just without some of us, more all the time...

How to Find My Blogs, Books, Bibles, Beasts & Bestiaries,

iMovies, Voice Recordings, Punk Art, Cartoons, Photos &  the Vidgame/Labyrinth called Shuteye Town 1999.

A good way to while away the cold months

Landscapes from home in Elsinboro

First the recent news such as it is...


Check out these new and recent titles at and also on our New Titles Page. More description to come:


The Glossary (Kindle)


American Movies about America: An Appreciation: (Kindle)


Instapunk on Cars (Available here For free on the Online Books Page)

NEW BOOK NEWS 9/15/18:


See Bibles Page.

June 25, 2018

WHAT’S NEW: Just posted an old voice recording of mine, a reading of John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields, along with some background about the poet and why this particular date has personal meaning to me. It’s in the new Diary 2018 Page shown up top. ALSO: A couple of mysterious movies about the Cream King Trove I found in my email. Can’t tell you anything about them except that the sender was some lunatic fringe punk writer conspiracy site called South Street Mysteries. It’s posted here without remark on the Movies page. Your guess is as good as mine.

June 23, 2018

WHAT'S NEW: All the specialty pages are in place, not necessarily finished but well started. Five blogs. Fifteen books. A guide to RFL Beasts & Bestiaries, now in two parts. Also a page of YouTube movies made during the InstaPunk years, a good selection of voice recordings of various works, and the beginning of the Shuteye Town page, which will track the renovation and rerelease effort as it unfolds. Look around. Kick the tires. Read, watch, listen, and laugh. There will be more to come.

What’s Here and Why...

A small matter called Time. Tick tick. Animation from Shuteye Nation, not here much.

I've been playing with words and images and voices and numbers for a long time now. Promoting my unusual writing approaches to a large audience never seemed as important as making things I liked. But it all adds up over the years, and now I know for sure that I've got more work finished than I have left in me. A small matter called time.


It's time I think to put a pretty big pile of my work together and make it available from one starting location. That way, maybe some will come to see how it all fits together into something unique.


This site is organized as a kind of library with specialized pages for shelves. I have comments on some things and not on others, which are covered on the Diary page. Take a look around. See what you think and might want to look at. Sound fair?


Good. See you anon.

“Spilt Ink” is the Punk Writer Trilogy consisting of The Boomer Bible, Punk City, and Shuteye Town 1999.